Here are the outlines of several of our lessons in PDF format. Please take a look at them and contact us if you would like
us to come and present these lessons in person.

Lesson Description
Why Apologetics? This lesson is designed to teach the importance of apologetics in the Church. Why it is important to know how to defend what we believe and, when necessary, poke holes in beliefs that set themselves up against the Truth.
How to read the Bible With so many interpretations and variations of the Bible out there, can we really know what the original authors wanted to convey through their writings? This lessons is designed to answer that question and give you an idea how to employ basic techniques to understand what an author wanted to convey through their writing without having to guess or rely on subjective interpretations.
Weapons of Spiritual Warfare series
Weapons of Spiritual Warfare Just like a well-stocked armory does no good if we don’t know what weapons are available or how they are used; We cannot hope to overcome in the spiritual battles that rage around us without knowing what is available to us and how to use it. This lesson is designed to help Christians understand how to effectively defend their faith against all opposition.
Buddhism Few of us will ever have the chance to encounter a fully-robed Buddhist monk, but all of us have come into contact with Buddhist teachings. This lesson is designed to help you answer the ideas and precepts from Buddhism and it’s cousin, the New Age movement.
Mormonism The hardest battle to fight is when you cannot readily tell your friends from your foes. This lesson is designed to teach Christians the key differences between Mormons and Christians and why members of the Latter-Day Saint’s church aren’t just another denomination.
Atheism It is seemingly impossible to scale the secular walls of athiesm. This lesson is designed to teach you how to draw upon the fingerprints God has left on his creation and expose the faith everyone has and call athiests to examine the conclusions they have made about the meaning and purpose of life.
Islam One of the fastest growing religions in the world, and the root of most major conflicts around the world. It is amazing, however, how little many people know about this volitile religion and it’s followers. This lesson is designed to teach you the principles and ideas that make up this belief sytesm and how to break through the barriers that keep many Muslims from viewing Christ correctly.
Jehovah’s Witnesses The Jehovah’s Witnesses often invoke a visceral reaction from Christians, however if we understand their beliefs and teachings in light of the truth, we will quickly realize that the knock on the door isn’t coming from some nefarious demon bent on destroying our lives, but a desperate cry for help.
Basics of Faith series
Who is God? The way we define God is how we will ultimately shape and live our lives. This lesson will take you through the evidence for God, his characteristics, and why they matter.
Who are we? How I view myself determines how I will act and how I will view others. Just like an athlete cannot hope to improve themselves physically without knowing their strengths and limitations, we cannot hope to improve ourselves unless we first know who we are and why we are here. This lesson is designed to reveal the “human condition” and motivate us to seek answers for improving it.
So What? Why should we care about God or our condition? This lesson is designed to tie together the previous two lessons and show why everyone already has answered the the previous questions and how those answers effect and shape our lives.