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Margaret Sanger’s failed population gamble

In this interview with Mike Wallace circa 1957 Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, laughs at the notion that the earth could sustain the then-current human population growth. Mike Wallace cited a claim made in a study done by James Bonner a California professor who claimed that the earth could sustain a 1/3rd rise in human population in the next 50 years. 1/3rd was apparently considered a large number.

Sanger, based on Malthusian notions, said the idea was absurd and that unless something were done right then to cull the human population explosion, we would face massive starvation and other calamities within 50 years.

Well the results are in, and 50 years later the human population of the earth has more than doubled and it appears we’re all doing just fine. Mrs Sanger was wrong.

Mrs Sanger’s failed gamble should be a lesson for modern-day Malthusians who want to buy into the myth of overpopulation. It is unwise to bet against the human spirit and it is immoral to advocate the wanton destruction of human life.