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The great liberal prank

After talking with several liberals I have come to the conclusion that most of them are playing an elaborate hoax.

For example, most liberals also claim to be atheists and philosophical naturalists. However they seem eager most of the time to employ reason and logic in an effort to prove their position is the most cogent. Why is that? It is only if we posit the existence of a soul, a mind that is not a slave to physical forces, that this behavior makes sense.

Secularists are also inconsistent when they deride the free market. From their arguments and attempts at persuasion, they at least act like we operate in a market place of ideas and that the best ideas (ideas which, cobbled together constitute a complete world-view) ought to prevail. When their views are not widely accepted they appear to operate with the curious notion that public opinion is merely a measure of whether their efforts are meeting with success or not. Not whether their ideas are true or not based on market demands.

So I’ve concluded that liberals, particularly those who like to espouse philosophical naturalism and those who feel the need to deride the free market are simply playing an elaborate hoax on the rest of us.