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Trust in relationships

I recently took my daughter to see Tangled. In the movie Rapunzel is stolen from her parents and raised by the evil witch for her own ends (to keep your young).

After the movie ended I asked my daughter how she knew her mother and I weren’t like the evil witch. After some exploration she came to the conclusion that she couldn’t really know, although there were a few. The most important, of which, is the knowledge that my wife and I are, in fact, her biological parents. We created her and it logically follows that we should seek the best for her.

Later on I decided to revive this line of questioning in regards to her grandmother. Our answer here, however, was different. The answer to the question of why my daughter should trust anyone other than her parents is found in her parent’s relationship with them. Either we trust them and thus my daughter is warranted in placing her trust in them, or else (as in the case of her Grandmother) they are related to us and thus trust is implicitly implied by virtue of a chain of creation.

And this is when it dawned on me that our relationship with the Father plays a critical role in our relationship with others.

How would we know whom to trust, how to interact with, and how to love others without at least a rudimentary relationship (like being created in His image) with our Father? We could say that our relationship with God is foundational to all of our subsequent relationships.


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