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Church as family

Elroy Bosch has recently written an excellent post titled “A (not-so-secret) Secret to Great Church Life”. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Families Genuinely Take Care of One Another.
  • Families Spend Time Together.
  • Families Show One Another Affection.
  • Families Grow.1
  • Families Share Responsibility.

I think he sums it up nicely in the outset:

Today, the overbearing metaphor influencing the way we think in the church is not family but the corporation metaphor. And not only is it absent from the New Testament, it does violence to the spirit of Christianity. Because from God’s standpoint, the church is primarily a family. His family, in fact.

Alan Knox comments:

Those first Christians knew all about hierarchy and organization and even corporate structures. But, instead of employing that type of language, they referred to the church as family.

  1. Numerically and in maturity. But families do not grow exponentially because that would hinder the growth in maturity of all the members. []