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Who’s really denying global warming?

Philip Stott once wrote:

First, is the climate changing? The answer has to be: ‘Of course it is.’ Evidence throughout geological time indicates climate change at all scales and all times. Climate change is the norm, not the exception, and at any moment the Earth is either warming or cooling. If climate were ever to become stable, it would be a scientifically exciting phenomenon. To declare that ‘the climate is changing’ is therefore a truism.

By contrast, the global warming myth harks back to a lost Golden Age of climate stability, or, to employ a more modern term, climate ‘sustainability’. Sadly, the idea of a sustainable climate is an oxymoron. The fact that we have rediscovered climate change at the turn of the Millennium tells us more about ourselves, and about our devices and desires, than about climate. Opponents of global warming are often snidely referred to as ‘climate change deniers’; precisely the opposite is true. Those who question the myth of global warming are passionate believers in climate change – it is the global warmers who deny that climate change is the norm.

I think Stott is spot-on here.

The attitude of AGW proponents seems to be the same as those who want to return America to it’s “golden age”. The question has to be asked of both groups “when exactly is the ‘golden age’ you are referring to?”.

The major difference being that politics is wholly under our control whereas it is highly doubtful that our minuscule effects on any factors involved in the global climate would have any impact at all.

So the next time someone charges me with being a “denier” I want to know; Who’s really the denier? The one who maintains the climate is and has always been changing or the one who thinks there is some sort of “golden age” of climate stability we should try to preserve?