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How to defeat the gay and lesbian movement in one generation

The gay and lesbian movement has been slowly gathering steam every since the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s. As such, many have been tempted to look at this movement as a culprit to the breakdown of the institution of marriage.

The gay and lesbian movement, however, is more like a vulture than it is like a hawk.

Where hawks actively seek out prey they can swoop in and kill. Vultures are content to feed off of the dead flesh of animals that have already died, either at the hands/claws of others, from disease, or simply from old age.

The sexual revolution, with it’s emphasis on sexual hedonism, is more like the hawk of marriage. It swooped in and fed on men from families by wounding them with the lie that they were aggressors and no longer needed.

It separated mothers from children by feeding them the feminist line that they were not “real women” unless they sought to become just like the men they were taught to despise.

And it picked off the children by condemning them to broken homes and permissive parenting. This had the unfortunate effect of producing weaker future parents and only perpetuated the downward spiral.

So how can we defeat the gay and lesbian movement in one generation?

Simple. We just refuse to provide any more dead flesh for them to feed on.

The simple truth is that the gay and lesbian movement cannot grow by producing their own offspring. Their plan of growth is limited exclusively to recruiting the products of heterosexual unions.