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John Lennox on the relationship between science and religion

[HT Justin Taylor]

From the article:

Here are a pair of lectures by Dr. John Lennox (Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford) on the New Atheism, science, and morality. They were delivered March 11-12, 2008 as the Carver-Barnes Lecture Series at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I love how the second lecture ends with Lennox citing “the problem of evil” as the “most difficult question the theist will have to answer” and how/why it is so important.

Bonus, here is a link to the excellent debate between Lennox and Dawkins.

UPDATE: Apparently the videos above are now privatized. This is a good reason why I prefer to not post links to youtube-clones  like vimeo. On a related note, it disturbs me how many ministries are choosing to use obscure and less functional services like this to host their content on. What? Is a simple MP3 not flashy enough for you?