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Combating KJV-onlyism

I’m not sure how prevalent it is elsewhere in the world, but in the southern parts of the united states, particularly in the Bible belt, we sometimes run into people who like to claim that the King James Version of the Bible is the only “true” version and that all others are an aberration.

Well here are a couple of resources that will help you put that myth to bed fairly quickly (and also help you with others who question the accurate transmission of the English Bible).

And also, James White has a book “The King James Only Controversy” that is widely recognized as a definitive refutation of the KJV only arguments. He has a collection of resources that might be worth checking out as well.


History of the Bible

Since starting to study Greek in order to (hopefully) understand the original text of the Bible (New Testament, I’ll save Old Testament later) I’ve been prompted to investigate the history of the Bible, specifically the history of the English Bible. Here are a few resources I’ve found helpful in explaining the history of the NT from Greek to what we have today. Interestingly enough, both lecture tracks were originally designed to combat the “KJY only” position but as they grew they began to encompass a lot more.

Bill Mounce – History of the Bible

Daniel Wallace – History of the English Bible

Do you know of any other resources? Feel free to post them in the comments!