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John Stewart in denial about media bias

This interview with Jon Stewart on media bias is painful to watch.

What makes this painful to watch is that Stewart refuses to acknowledge the political power humor has in shaping political discourse. At one point he claims that it is sad that he is given credibility because of the failure of news organizations. What he apparently fails to realize is that he is giving far too much credit to his viewers. Stewert is given credibility above other news organizations because his viewers are lazy. They can only learn about current events if they are made to be funny in some way. I would be willing to bet that very few of Stewart’s viewers have bothered to seriously study any of the issues that are covered on his show. Issues like criminal law (as it pertains to the controversial immigration law in Arizona), economics (Stewart constantly tows the Marxist economic line of the left), and religion (Stewart’s grasp of theology as it pertains to Christianity and Islam is appalling).

Apparently Jon Stewart thinks he is immune to bias.

But I know others who would beg to differ.