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The dangers of diversity

We’ve been trained to react to certain words, like Pavlov’s dog. So we hear “diversity” and we are supposed to automatically think it is a universal good.

So says Thomas Sowell in this interview where he also outlines the other problems with the popular stance on diversity.

In a longer interview from the Fixed Point Foundation, we are given a more detailed presentation of How Cultural Diversity is Destroying America.

Here are the combined highlights from both Thomas Sowell and the Fixed Point podcast.

  • Diversity by its very nature is divisive
  • Far from being a universal good, diversity by itself is destructive without social cohesion (ie. multiculturalism is a deadly poison for any society that dares to drink it)
  • Humans from various races are not interchangeable. That is actually demeaning to the people involved.
  • It is often claimed that a population is not diverse through poor or deceptive sampling techniques. For example, diversity statistics often do not count

Diversity advocates are fond of creating and passing around posters like this one which are intended to show that America is still very divided racially. However what these advocates often fail to account for, as Thomas Sowell is fond of pointing out, is that the simplistic solution of “we just need to mix people up more” is not only not a suitable answer (never has been historically) but that it actually makes things worse. Without a central culture for people to adhere to, forced diversity only produces strife and animosity.

The chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has made news recently for saying that Germany’s multiculturalism strategy has failed because it did not emphasized cultural integration. Rather, they accepted immigrants and foreign workers without expecting them to cohere to a set of centralized cultural values and customs.

In short, when Germans stop practicing German customs, then Germany stops being Germany.

I only hope America wakes up and learns this lesson before our mad dash towards diversity at all costs ends up destroying our once great nation.

Oh, and to my liberal friends: When people like Sarah Palin (whose very name manages to evoke an almost comical albiet visceral reaction from her opponents) talk about “real America”, they are likely referring to the set of ideals around which our society cohered for a very long time.