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Obamacare costs lives

The self-styled Southern Baptist watchdog site BaptistPlanet posted recently about the impact of repealing healthcare. Specifically, the site author attempts to paint Richard Land, the SBC’s chief lobbyist, as evil for putting policies and partisan politics above human life.

Even the title of the post, “The cost in lives of Richard Land’s health reform repeal”, is meant to imply that the healthcare reform pill recently shoved down Americans’ throats designed to treat America’s healthcare woes has no negative side effects.

Since many people share the same delusion that BaptistPlanet apparently does, I’d like to provide “the other side of the story”. Yes,

It is a fact that Obamacare has caused huge hikes in premiums. We are well aware now that Obama was lying to everyone when he said that if we liked our current healthcare plans we could keep them.

In fact, the children Obamacare was supposed to cover were left high.

Now about the myth that “lack of health insurance kills”.

The truth is that health insurance was given to us as a result of free market forces as recently as the 1940s. So it is funny that socialists like Obama and apparently BaptistPlanet seem to think that that health insurance has magically become a right in the span of only 60 years.

And as for the 45,000 people said to have died because they lacked insurance.

First we need to be honest and say that many of the uninsured in America are so by choice. Like I and my family were for years. When we wanted medical care, I got it.

Secondly, Obamacare is modeled after socialist plans like the British National Health Services. And if socialized medicine is as awesome as BaptistPlanet seems to think it is, we would expect to hear nothing but rave reviews from the British people. Right?

The truth is that socialized medicine has been shown to degrade medical care across the board because instead of the free market (or limited as our case is thanks to lawmakers) deciding your healthcare options, a centralized planning commission

The problem of scarcity plagues all systems, including government run ones. So the argument that a “lack” of a something kills someone is really just an admission that the one posing the argument understands next to nothing about economics.

According to Obama, if you are too old to make the death panels, I mean healthcare commissioners care about saving your life, you can just take a pill.

Compassion. Yeah, that’s what socialized medicine is all about.

In fact, socialized medicine is so awesome that Canadian citizens and officials regularly take medical vacations to the US to partake of our broken system.

I suppose they are just reminding themselves how great they have it back home where it is easier to get a sex change operation than life-saving bladder surgery.

Actually, the truth is that many Canadians have decided that socialized medicine isn’t the holy grail it was supposed to be. Sadly, however, it is well evidenced that once social programs, especially ones as large as socialized medical care, are implemented, repealing them is next to impossible.1

So the next time you encounter someone like BaptistPlanet who is apparently suffering from the delusion that socialized medical care is only good and contains no negative side effects, be sure to offer them the red pill of reality. Even if they refuse to take it (hey, its a free world, right?) at least they will know that not everyone shares their insanity.

  1. That’s an all-around big government problem. You rarely see citizens rioting because they didn’t work hard and therefore have less, what you find are people rioting because they are lazy and want the state to provide for them. []