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Is laissez-faire evil or is the SBC just out of touch with reality?

There’s really nothing conservative — and certainly nothing evangelical — about a laissez-faire view of a lack of government regulation,” Moore says, “because we, as Christians, believe in sin.

I ran across this gem in an article on blackchristiannews.com. This reminds me of the comment Frank Turek made out of frustration in a recent interview:

Money, Greed and God. How do those things go together, and why should we even be worried about them? And what does this have to do with apologetics? Well, in a few minutes, friends, you’re going to see that it has everything to do with apologetics. You know, you need money to do apologetics. You’re listening right now to a radio program that takes money to run. When you go buy an apologetics book, you need to pay for it. Somebody has gotten resources together – some of them immaterial resources, some of them material resources – they’ve put them together and they’ve marketed this piece to that you would buy it. That takes money. It takes money to preach the gospel across the world. It takes money to send missionaries overseas. It takes money to put on a TV program. It takes money to run an institute like the Discovery Institute. It takes money to run a seminary like Southern Evangelical Seminary or a ministry like CrossExamined.org. Money is essential to what we do. Well, you say “well, gee, you know, we’re Christians, we can’t really be concerned about money”. NONSENSE!

My friend Wintery Knight is right. Christians desperately need to learn more about economics and stop following the ephemeral fashions of the world such as environmentalism and starry-eyed socialism. We need to learn that not only is capitalism compatible with Christianity, but that it is actually one of the most Biblical economic systems ever devised. It is actually no small wonder that capitalism was invented in the area of the world that was populated predominantly by Christians.

History suggests that capitalism is a necessary condition for political freedom –Milton Freeman