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John Lennox – Science Is Impossible Without God – Quotes


God just needed another little angel so he took her

Have you ever been in a small group where someone has uttered something like the couple in the video above? Papering over a deep tragedy with answers that were not only paper-thin but actually damaging if closely scrutinized?

I have.

And like the grieving mother, I’ve also felt like an ass when I couldn’t stomach it anymore and decided to call everyone to examine the implications of what was actually being said.

I often wonder whether regular church goers actually realize how shallow and trite they make following Christ sound when they offer answers like the one above. I wonder if they know how much damage they do.

Like the couple above demonstrates, most often these answers, this shallowness is only allowed to grow and flourish in the absence of cross examination or close scrutiny.

The question of pain and suffering is immense. It is perhaps the largest question Christians face. It certainly is the root of why many cannot (note the inability here, not merely the unwillingness) place their faith in Christ. Accordingly, it requires us to spend many hours studying it.

We need to have both an immediate answer to those freshly grieving as well as a more nuanced answer for those able and willing to explore the deep questions surrounding death and suffering in the world God has made.

Here are three resources I highly recommend on this subject:


Does the nature of the universe argue for God?


God evil and suffering

Recently we were privledged to host Dr. Bruce Little at Bel-Ridge Baptist Church for a conference on “God and the existince of evil and suffering”. Here are the lectures in MP3 format for anyone who is interested in the subject:

Session 1: ion 1 Part 1.mp3">Part 1 ion 1 Part 2.mp3">Part 2 ion 1 Part 3.mp3">Part 3 ion 1 Part 4.mp3">Part 4

ion 1 Part 4.mp3"> Session 2: ion 2 Part 1.mp3">Part 1 ion 2 Part 2.mp3">Part 2 ion 2 Part 3.mp3">Part 3

Bruce Little’s theodicy book postulating a Creation-Order Theodicy is here, and here is a condensed version of Dr Little’s seminar above from bethinking.org.

Here is an interview with Dr Bruce A. Little on the “problem of evil”