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Whale farming

Apparently the IFAW has the right idea!

Quite a while ago now a friend of mine and I were discussing the subject of nature preservation and wildlife conservation. This was around the time that Japan was in the news again for running over an anti-whaling vessel. During our discussion I made the point that I believed that proper wildlife management takes into account the desires of the free market. In the case of Japan, that market appears to include whale meat. So it would seem that if we really wanted to see the whales protected we should make sure someone is responsible for them.

The best way to make sure something is cared for is to make sure someone owns it.

Instead of telling people not to consume a product at all, a far more responsible and viable response would be to allow private parties to take shares in the remaining population. To farm it. In turn the population of the endangered species will likely thrive because the owners are incentivized to increase their allotment.

A good case study of how this works is the American alligator which thrived after the government allowed private farming.