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Defending Your Beliefs with Scott Klusendorf

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SFLA 2011 Scott Klusendorf from Alliance Defense Fund on Vimeo.


Case for Christ


Learn how to defend the resurrection of Jesus

It’s Easter time (ok, a little past Easter at this point), and people are still talking about the event that defines Christianity. So what better time to brush up on the evidence for the resurrection?

Here are a few resources to help:

Audio resources:

  • Mike Licona vs Bart Eherman #1 on the topic “Can Historians Prove that Jesus Rose from the Dead?” MP3, Video
  • Mike Licona vs. Richard Carrier on the topic “On the Resurrection of Jesus Christ” MP3, Video
  • Mike Licona vs. Dan Barker on the topic “Did Jesus Rise From the Dead?” MP3, Video
  • Mike Licona vs. Ali Ataie on the topic “What Was the 1st Century Fate of Jesus?” MP3, Video
  • Mike Licona vs. Shabir Ally on the topic “Christianity and Islam – Did Jesus Rise?” MP3, Video
  • William Lane Craig vs. Bart Ehrman on the topic of the resurrection MP3, Video