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Environmentalism: Is man an ecological virus?

One of the biggest issues regarding the way many progressives view humans in relation to the environment is the fact that while many are wholly committed to Darwinian evolution, they somehow see man as a virus that is somehow outside the system.

This type of mentality is very clear when you consider the biggest cry from environmentalists regarding places like ANWR or National Parks is “just leave them alone” as if any development by men were destructive and harmful.

If we approach the issue of environmentalism with the notion that man is a virus then we loose from the outset due to a bad phrasing of the question.

What we need to do is approach the question of environmentalism from the standpoint of being good stewards of the environment along with the notion that some Christians will have honest disagreements on the subject and that those disagreements do not make the other side sinful or less holy.

For more information on this topic, I highly recommend a conference recently held at Southeastern Theological Seminary titled “Creation Care”.