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Church planting, the WSJ examines the market driven church in America

I recently ran across this article in the WSJ thanks to Ed Stetzer, Lifeway’s church planting guru. The article examines the whole church planting movement (or fad) in light of entrepreneurial practices that other small business or startups could emulate.

Did you catch that?

Other small businesses or startups.

Where in Scripture are we given a picture of the church as a business institution?

This article is rather sad in that it gives a good idea of just how market-driven the church in America is.

Here are a few choice quotes:

small businesses could take a page from churches when it comes to getting people to open their wallets.

Another useful strategy: getting to know local businesspeople, who can work wonders by talking up the church to customers.

It also helps the church seem less focused on money.

(Emphasis mine)

Simple Church now rents space that contains 14 screens in one multiplex and six in another.

Note: Not to be confused with simple church.

several parents told him that programs for kids were essential in any church that sought them as regular members. But they warned him that those programs shouldn’t duplicate offerings already in abundance in the community—and they shouldn’t be scheduled at times that competed with established activities.