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Comprehensive Christian Discipleship

I recently came across an excellent sermon series on Christian discipleship, relationship with the culture, and the central calling of the great commission given recently at SEBTS. This series is by Ken Myers, director of Mars Hill Audio. Here are the links to Ken’s sermons, the corresponding interview1, and various other resources by Ken Myers such as a sermon done at 9 Marks Ministries all having to do with faith in culture and Christian discipleship.

The Comprehensive Character of Christian Discipleship – Ken Myers @ SEBTS

The Counter-Cultural Imperative for Christian Disciplers – Ken Myers @ SEBTS

Interview with Ken Myers – Dr. Bruce Little with Ken Myers @ SEBTS

Christians and Culture – Ken Myers @ 9Marks

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  1. Contains excellent insights into the forms of communication, particularly in the area of music and television, and how they affect the content of the message and how some forms are better or exclusively suited to convey various types of information. []