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On abstinence-only education

It is often repeated on late-night talk shows that abstinence-only education is a failed pipe-dream and that the more responsible thing to do is teach kids how to have “safe-sex”. This line has been repeated so often that many people take it as an unquestioned fact.

But is it really?

Preliminary studies have shown that abstinence-only education actually does work.

It’s not the entire answer, however. A more complete answer would include 1.) strengthening our cultural view of marriage (as opposed to trashing it in almost every area of pop culture) 2.) de-sexualizing our children and 3.) combating the myth that “kids are going to do it anyway”.

The fact is that producing kids who don’t feel the need to jump into the sack with someone the minute they hit puberty is not a last cause. It just takes a few more good parents and a recognition that we are not merely animals controlled by our desires.