Evidence of homofascism

I was recently asked on Quora for my thoughts as a social conservative. Being a libertarian my answer was more or less that as long as I am afforded the freedom to disagree and openly criticize actions I consider to be immoral then I don’t mind affording others the ability to live in immoral (and irresponsible) ways.

As part of my answer I mentioned the oppression of natural marriage proponents by homosexuals and was subsequently asked to provide evidence to substantiate my claim.

Here is my answer.

The issue is how, in the quest for normalization/affirmation, “gay rights” will result in oppressive laws/regimes like the Human/Homosexual Rights Commission of Canada.

Redefining marriage will certainly affect how everyone thinks about marriage and statistical data shows that in countries where marriage has been redefined to mean nothing more than two people posessing strong feelings for one another, the number of people who get married and stay married are dismal at best.

Of course the redefinition of marriage is not the only cause behind the decline of the institution of marriage, it was already sick as evidenced by the prominance of sexual promiscuity and high divorce rates. But redefining marriage in an attempt to divorce it from its biological moorings is like adding a new sickness on already diseased animal.

As for the oppression that forced normalization/acceptance of homosexuality brings, I submit the following list as examples of what is becoming known as “homo-fascism”, a term I find quite apt and not the least bit ironic.

Please note as well that these are actual cases that have already happened, this is not a “slippery slope” hypothetical scenario. The politically corerect ship of homosexual persecution has already sailed.

I’ll add more as time permits, but this should prove ample evidence that homosexual fascism is not a myth as the most popular entry in the Urban Dictionary maintains but a real problem that needs to be addressed by the homosexual community if they want non-homosexuals to tolerate their views. And please note that I am using tolerance in the way it is supposed to be used here meaning someone who disagrees with homosexuals but who doesn’t want to infringe on their right to destroy their bodies as they see fit through their unnatural sexual preferences.

So it seems that the topmost rated definition of “homofascism” on the urban dictionary which is blatently false. Homo-fascism is not overwrought or hysterical. Its a real and growing trend.


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  1. It has been a falling house of cards. First all the homosexuals wanted was the right to see and be with a dying partner, but had no legal rights to do so. ( A lot of them dying of AIDS – which they refused to stop the behavior spreading it) So, the homosexual lobby said they would be happy with domestic partnership, that would give them the rights they previously had been denied. Then it went to having to have the right to adopt, and anyone with the IQ over 40 could see where this was going.

  2. So now we have bullies in the homosexual side of life who are getting in your face, because if you do anything to stop them, then YOU get arrested for hate crimes. _Being overly PC has led and is leading this country down the tubes. There should have been something done to protect the rights in the 80's of those who were getting sick, and refusing to do anything to stop it. Bath Houses were closed down, and it started to drop, but risky behavior will always popup and do what it wants to do. I remember when KYMS was a Christian Radio Station in Orange County, and they said that GLAAD was going to sue Psychology Today for their plan to print an article saying that Homosexuality was a mental defect. That there is missing chemicals in the brain, and Homosexuality can be cured, they can become NORMAL. GLAAD doesn't like the thought that they aren't normal. The article was dropped._

  3. Now I have friends who are Homosexual, and they have been harrashed their whole lives, in school, in the work place, pretty much every where they have gone. So, I do understand their anger, and them wanting to 'get back' at the world, but there is no place where it is right that they get to shove their agenda down the throats of those who choose not to agree with their livestyles and choices.
    But that is just how I see it.

  4. but there is no place where it is right that they get to shove their agenda down the throats of those who choose not to agree with their livestyles and choices.

    Physican heal thyself!!

  5. "When fascism comes to Western Civilization it will be carrying a pink swastika wrapped in a rainbow flag" AND IT HAS! Beware the lavender mafia. They do not have "equality" in mind but supremacy. They too are enemies of free speech and peaceable dissent. In a word homofascism has arrived. Be very afraid.

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  7. Wes, couldn't agree with you more— and I state as much in Tenth Harbinger: Discovery in Jeremiah (http://tenthharbinger.tripod.com/)

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