All I need to know I learned in kindergarden

Last week my daughter graduated kindergarten. My wife and I decided to send her to public school figuring “what’s the worst she could pick up at such a young age?”. Apparently we were a tad naive.

Here are some of the things my daughter learned this year in her kindergarten class:

Green ideology

My daughter learned that it’s wrong for us to cut down trees for any reason.

While talking with my wife about whether we should obey God or man my daughter made the observation “If a polieceman tells us to cut down a tree, we will have to disobey him?” To which my wife responded by reminding our daughter that God had given us dominion over nature and that cutting down a tree is not morally wrong if we own the tree and have a use for it.

Guns are bad

My daughter now considers guns “the G-word”. She was taught in her class that its wrong to even make a gun with her hands (something her brother does all the time).

What’s also funny about this is that in the 2nd week of school we learned from our daughter that a little boy was running around the playground kissing little girls during recess. So we told her to warn him once and then punch him in the mouth if he ever came near her.

So in the interest of complying with anti-bully laws (which, I later found out, Georgia has some of the first anti-bullying laws on record), we end up planting the seed that self defense of any kind is wrong, especially if it involves the use of a firearm.

Parent’s don’t know best

As responsible parents we want to know what goes on in our daughter’s world. So we make a regular habit of asking everyone in the family how their day went at the dinner table in the evenings. For some reason our daughter picked up this notion that her parents shouldn’t know what goes on in her classroom. That her classroom and her family were two completely seperate worlds.

Of all the things my daughter picked up this past year this one is the most insidious in my opinion. My wife tried to have a conference with our daughter’s teacher but that didn’t change anything.

As parents we also learned that the PTA is not an interface for providing feedback regarding teaching practices and lessons, but rather it is a glorified boosters club directed by teachers and staffed by lemming parents.

So given what my daughter was exposed to in the span of one short year, its no longer a mystery to me why 80% of our children walk away from the faith when they go to college. They are indoctrinated in school and alienated from their parents. And we allow, encourage, and fund it!


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  1. We home-schooled (more like flexible-schooled, what with on-line classes and the community college) my youngest her last two years. Wish we had started earlier! If we were starting over we definitely would.

  2. I was homeschooled from fifth grade until graduation, and I think it was one of the best decisions we ever made as a family. In fact, my wife and I are considering it for our children because of the same concerns you mention above and a failing school system where we live.

    I would like to see the state argue that a teacher with 30 other kids in her class can do better than two parents with Masters degrees.

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