The Calvinistic Adventures of Doug

Josh Lowery, A friend of mine from Facebook has created a series of videos exploring the idiosyncraties of Calvinism. This series is titled “The Damned”, and it provides a pretty good synopsis of some of the biggest problems in Calvinism.

Doug’s first taste of Calvinism

Doug’s Theological Trap

It’s the Glory, Stupid!

Force feeding

Theologizing le Babel


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  1. Wow, I could only stand one of those. How sad. That must have taken a lot of time to create those extended-play straw men (nobody light a match!). How mischaracterizing your opponents view advances the dialog is beyond me. I have gone to Arminian churches my whole life but have shifted to 60/40 reformed. I have seen over and over that otherwise theological sound Arminians get downright silly and petty when debating Calvinists. That doesn't make the Calvinists right, of course, but it is very interesting to me.

    I love a good, charitable, debate about Christian issues, whether they are in-house or not. But every time I'd hear an Arminian / Calvinist debate I'd walk away thinking that they should have picked a better debater for the Arminian side. After all, if you are a skilled debater you can often be on the wrong side of the issue and yet still win. But after a while I realized maybe that was the best Arminians could do.

    Too many people whom I otherwise admire confuse great philosophy with great theology.

    • Neil, there are more options available to the Christian who wishes to be orthodox than Calvinism or Arminism. As for the videos, I think they sum up the greatest logical flaws the Calvinistic position (well, as developed by Beza, Pink, Van Til, Edward, etc) has.

      As for Arminians loosing debates. What debates are you referring to? The best one I've seen is Michael Brown vs James White and I think its pretty evident that White had his butt handed to him since he flatly refused to engage the difficulties raised by White's Calvinistic leanings. If anything, I've seen most Calvinsits dodge debates _just like they did at the Synod of Dort_ where they decided to attack the Arminians without allowing any of them to speak in defense of their own beliefs. So if you are comparing the output of straw men, you should consider the fact that the Calvinsits (which, incidentally the Arminians also claim to be) have had their factories running at full speed for far longer than the Arminians.

      As for confusing philosophy with theology. What? Are you saying that the Bible directly teaches us the causal determinism that Calvinism (again, as fleshed out by Calvin's successors)? Are you saying that we don't need to think about what the text says, its implications, or its relationship with other areas of our lives? I'm sure you aren't, so I'll take it that your comment on theology and philosophy somehow being opposed to one another to be another common tactic designed to drive us off the trail of truth in this matter.

      Finally, I will agree with you that this debate is not held in the most charitable manner most of the time. However that is not to say we should therefore never have this debate. If anything, especially if we care about true unity and fellowship, we should work all the more to figure out how we can have discussions like these in a right spirit such that those on the outside looking in will know that 1. we hold our respective positions firmly and clearly and 2. we love one another as fellow brothers in Christ.

  2. Just came across this today. Like Neil, I could only stand the first bit, and barely so. Those are definite straw men, as Neil mentioned, which mis-characterize what we 'Calvinists' believe. I would much rather dialogue about the issue, despite sharp differences. These videos certainly do nothing to advance true unity and fellowship within the Body of Christ. I hope you'll at least consider presenting factual positions in future posts.

  3. Why so snippy, Wes? The thoughts and subsequent actions required to type out and send the above post were entirely my own. Didn't happen apart from God's ordaining it. Of which disagreement do you speak? How am I arguing with God, so to speak? There is no disagreement between divine sovereignty and human responsibility here.

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