Why don’t we just get the government out of the marriage business?

The most popular argument from the left regarding marriage seems to be that we should just “get the government out of any marriage decision between two (or more) consenting adults.

This, they argue, is more in keeping with a limited view of government that many aspire to (but precious few actually vote for).

Well here’s my take on the matter.

It is unrealistic to expect the government to not be involved in the institution of marriage. It would be great if we lived in a perfect society where no one ever cheated on their spouse, abused them, ran off leaving one to fend for themselves, etc.

But if all we had to contend with were the contractual issues between two or more partners which may or may not be sexual in nature we wouldn’t need to consider marriage to be any different than any other institution and thus it could be handled by existing contract law.

However marriage is not like any other institution because it carries with it the possibility of bringing new life into the world.

Sure, new life can come into the world outside of a marriage, but in those cases we have good data which shows that government has to step in and grow bigger to take care of the breakdowns marriage is designed to handle on it’s own. This is something we know thanks to years of liberal (including feminist) policies either explicitly designed to damage marriage or at the least disincentive it heavily.

So while it is impossible and wholly undesirable to “get the government out of marriage”, mostly for the sake of the children who are the unfortunate casualties of the “progressive” sexual liberation movement, it is definitely worthwhile to render the government idle by promoting strong healthy families. It would be great of all the government ended up having to do is record the names of married couples in a book. That is how we lesson the involvement of government in marriage. Not by requiring government to grow by disincentivizing marriage and promoting all kinds of things that etch away at the foundations of the building block to society, expecting the state to step in and take care of the wreckage left behind.


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  1. People don't understand the benefit of Marriage to society. If we did the Biblical definition of Marriage (which is NOT a government or church sanctioned institution…show me in the Bible where this is so) and we followed God's Doctrine with Marriage, Divorce, and Putting Away, we would have Marriage the way God intended. That Marriage would result in couples getting a continually increasing source of energy from WITHIN the Marriage, that they would be able to spend OUTSIDE the Marriage to help others. Instead, following the church's man-made doctrine of Marriage results in people being encouraged to get energy from OUTSIDE the Marriage (vacations, date night, complaining to friends, etc.) so that they can spend it WITHIN the Marriage. Currently, Marriage is consuming our national resources. The divorce rate inside the church is the same outside the church…and we have a divorce ban within the church. Does going to church make your marriage worse than not going to church? What I have never understood is how "Christians" can be FOR the legal definition of Marriage and AGAINST the legal definition of divorce! Currently, "Christians" believe in a legal definition of Marriage instead of God's Doctrine. Here is a link to anyone who TRULY values Marriage: http://godsdoctrine.blogspot.com/2008/06/91.html

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