Key texts affirming resistible grace

As I’ve been reading through the excellent rebuttal to 5 point Calvinism, Whosoever Will, I ran across a section that listed (with more explanation that I plan to give here, so buy the book if you want to learn more) a several key texts that provide evidence that God’s will is indeed resistible:

Additionally, here are several passages indicating Jesus’s understanding of resistible grace:


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  1. Hey, Wes. You ought to join the Society of Evangelical Arminians. They welcome Molinists (myself and a blogger named Dan Chapa are Molinists and in the group). I think Molinism fits quite snugly in Arminianism, and actually think Arminius was a Molinist. Just a thought.

    On this post, I also have a list of verses that contradict Calvinism here.

  2. Sadly the Arminian boat has as many holes as the Calvinist one. For the that matter there are many Calvinistic Molinists. Why not try to be a biblicist?

    • "Why not try to be a biblicist?"

      Your few sentences are rather disjointed, incoherent, and hard to follow. Do you mind explaining them a bit better or are you content with stringing a few incoherent bumper-sticker-esque phrases together into a comment box?

      • As a former Calvinist i have looked into Arminius and his doctrines as well. both Calvinism and Armenians are very dogmatic theologies. It is OK to believe in both since we are all Christian brothers. the foundations of the gospel message of faith alone in Christ alone is what makes us a family. but what i have learned is that many people in those camps can love their Calvinism and their Arminius more then they love Christ. they tend to follow john Calvin or Jacob Arminius rather then the creator. Paul stresses this in scripture. where he says to the Corinthians..not to follow Apollos or himself or the teachings of only peter. The only time we are told to distance ourselves from if someone where to teach them a different way to Christ. we should not hold someones teaching higher then the bible. commentaries are OK. but to tell you the truth. it is simply another persons interpretation. how do you know he's correct? John Calvin is a great Christian pastor that God had used in his day.But who cares about the guy! he's dead now and hes with the Lord. so lets not go back in time and try to find out what he taught lets go into the present time and see what the bible teaches. God gave us a bible to correct even those who pastor us. we have to remember that. God Bless

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