Wordy Wednesday: baraq

I generally try to concentrate on Greek as the Biblical language I’d like to learn first, however during a recent search through Biblical texts for a word to name my flash drive I ran across the Hebrew word “baraq” and thought it not only accurately described my 8Gig temporary storage drive, but our current president as well.

What it means








Flash, lightning, glittering.

Generally something that is big and impressive, but doesn’t last very long. It’s used to describe lightning, swords, the voice of God when He speaks, and the appearance of the messiah in Ezekiel and Daniel.

Where It’s Found

Exodus 19:16; Deuteronomy 32:41; II Samuel 22:15; Job 20:25; Job 38:35; Psalms 18:14; Psalms 77:18; Psalms 97:4; Psalms 135:7; Psalms 144:6; Jeremiah 10:13; Jeremiah 51:16; Ezekiel 1:13; Ezekiel 21:10; Ezekiel 21:15; Ezekiel 21:28; Daniel 10:6; Nahum 2:4; Nahum 3:3; Habakkuk 3:11; Zechariah 9:14


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  1. There is a serie of iberic coins from Spain, with this hebrew inscription, "naybrq_sm", here is one example on this arxive.


    I think their meaning link the family of Bárquidas in Spain, and we have numerous cities with "brq", as Barcino or Nabarca, but that "naybrq_sm" could been read [ay_brq_sm].

    On hebrew coins from Spain this word can been confused with metal ligteness, but in this case we have a city Nabarca, valley of Baraq, or the beautiful Baraq. This city was cited by Ptolomeo as Uxa Nabarca, fortresse of Nabarca.

    Anothers iberics coins from la Bética, Andalusia, have the inscription "ybrqm" [ybaraqam].

    Legende on iberic coins was misread and falsified by german schule of archaeologie and spanish epigraphy.

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