Defeat abortion arguments easily

A recent poll shows that public support for abortion is starting to shift and while this is laudable, there is still much work to be done.

Specifically we each need to be equipped to share with our neighbors why abortion is wrong in a way they will understand without relying on the Bible which even a growing number of Christians don’t holding in very high regard anymore.

To help with this task of defending the sanctity of human life in such a manner I want to mention two approaches that will help you easily defeat abortion arguments and, hopefully, help convince others of the evil of abortion.

  1. Scott Klusendorf has an excellent method involving an easy-to-remember acronym, SLED, that covers the four basic objections most advocates of abortion uphold and try to use when debating this issue:
    1. Size – It’s just a collection of cells until it develops past a certain point.
    2. Location – It’s not a baby until the fetus is out of the womb.
    3. Environment – It’s better to abort a child than have them grow up in an abusive or unloving environment.
    4. Degree of dependency – Until it can live on it’s own it is really merely a parasite living off the mother.
  2. Serrin Foster is a  devoted feminist who makes an excellent case against abortion based upon the premise that, far from being a feminist issue of granting women more choice and control over their bodies, it actually harms them and sets back feminist advancements in society.

There are many other arguments that can be made against abortion but I think the shortest and simplest ones are often the most effective because they are the easiest to remember and make in the short amounts of time we often get to spend with most people.

I hope these arguments help you articulate the pro-life position and help give you greater courage and confidence as you stand up for the truly defenseless.

Happy debating!


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