They DO exist!

After taking a few tours of Paris today and hearing tour guides say things like “theology isn’t a valid field of study”, I started wondering where all the Christians went. Especially after such a rich history.

On the way back to my hotel (le petit hotel at that) I ducked into a toy shop being run by an Indian man and got my answer. The shop owner was playing Christian music and so when I went to check out I asked him whether the music was from a CD or from the radio.

I asked because if it had been a radio station, it would assuage my fears that this city is hopelessly lost. It would signify that there is an active remnant which at least had enough resources to setup a radio station. It wouldn’t answer my specific question about the shop owner’s stance, however, because being the Christmas season, and being from a different culture the man may have simply stumbled upon it while trying to hitch his store’s sales up to the commercial Christmas bandwagon.

If it had been a CD, I would know that the shop owner was going out of his way to, albiet subtly, share the Gospel with passers-by.

Well it turned out that the music was coming from a CD and my question prompted the shop owner to ask me in return about my faith.  We rejoiced while I checked out over finding a fellow believer in such a dark land and I left with a card from the shop owner who asked me to continue praying for him and the currently underground evengelical church in Paris.

The moral of the story is, whenever you think you are the only Christiain in an area just stop and remember what God told Elijah and that there is ALWAYS a remnant of the faithful.

Unless your name is Lot that is, then you pretty much need to pack up and get outta dodge 😛


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