Politics and theology

It never ceases to amaze me how many otherwise well-intentioned Christians are activly supporting Barack Obama and, at the same time, claiming that he is a Christian.

Donnald Miller recently wrote an article in which he addresses the two hardest issues for an Obama supporter to come to grips with and still claim to be a Christian, abortion and gay marriage.

Both concepts are clearly condemned in Scripture and both come with a host of demonic imagry surrounding them so that we will have no questions about the deplorableness of either action. In fact, to my knowledge no one has seriously tried to defend either of these issues on theological grounds, actually both canidates have openly declaired that they find both of these issues to be “unfortunate” and are for reducing abortion on one hand and merely upholding civil unions on the other as opposed to redefining the Biblical and historical definition (in fact, the defining charistic of what marriage is).

This lack of a theological debate on the inherent moral vacuiousness of these issues should speak volumes to anyone who is more comitted to Christ and the Way he came to teach us (which, by the way, is far more than mere social humanatraianism) than a socialist liberal (read: all about the individual) agenda.

This is far more than a partisan, democrats will vote for democrats and republicans for republicans. This is about truth, this is about right and wrong. I submit that the person who votes for and activly supports Obama’s bid for presidency while claiming to be a comitted and consistant follower of Jesus is either not being honest about their comittment to Him or they are ignorant of the wealth of Jewish history and Scripture that points squarely against the self-centered, anti-life, religiously pluralistic message that Obama’s campaign is built on.


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