Where have the men gone in the Church?

By that I mean where have real, rough and tumble, men willing to fight and die for their beliefs gone in our churches?

One of the saddest things I’ve noticed in most churches is a woeful lack of men willing and able to take a stand and fight.

Sadly, new Christians are more willing to fight for the truth than their jaded counterparts and I believe this has to do with the feminization of the modern Church brought about by the corresponding feminization of the culture we live in.

What is even more sad is that those new Christians quickly learn that “good Christian men” sit down, shut up and merely give their time, money, and energy to their local Church. “Good Christian men” don’t get riled up unless that is what the worship service calls for (a la Promise Keepers), and GCM definitely don’t confront anyone.

God forbid we make waves. God forbid we actually make a difference in the world around us.

God, save us from our pitiful representation of you. Help us be more like men than boys and actually start living like men and stop being pacifistic pansies like most of the men around us.

BTW: Here is a great lecture on the topic if anyone is interested.


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