Just a head’s-up for those of you who’ve been reading my posts on here (and even elsewhere).

As I’ve been studying, I’ve recently abandoned several philosophical presuppositions which will definatly produce a noticable change in my writing style and positions from now on. Most notably, I no longer hold to the notion that God directly determins everything that happens in the world or that we are somehow predestined to choose Christ by some sort of puppettering act of God (known traditionally as Calvinism).

This doesn’t mean my core beliefs in the inerrancy of Scripture or the God, or his son, of whom the Scriptures speak, has changed but I felt it nesicary that before I continue writing too many new posts I clairify that since I don’t intend on rewording or removing any of the previous content here to match my new positions.

Think of it as me allowing you to watch me grow spiritually as I continue to study and test what I place my hope and faith in as I expect all those I come into contact to do as well. 


2 responses to “Change

  1. I’ll be in interested in following your journey Wes, this is truly an area that seems to truly divide Christ-Followers deeply. I started out in a PCA church – many years ago, hearing much about Predestination; and those very extremist views which were really difficult to grapple. I have also been in many churches where there isn’t much thought about God’s choosing us; but us choosing Him. I have always seen evidence for a little of both.

  2. I know i taught compatabalism (one of the “unifying theories” which tries to reconcile the two) at FBC, but upon further examination of the facts (combined with a re-examination of determinism), I don’t think there is any way to hold to both views equally as they are usually stated. From what I’ve found, its far easier to reconcile the passages that seem to speak about “the elect” with the overriding concept of general election (that all are called) than it is to try and force general election (that all are called) to fit some presupposition that God may draw all men to himself (as he claims to do in John 12:32) but he only _really_ intends to choose some and damn others.

    Come to think about it, determinism would be a great blog entry…

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