It’s Fundamental

Is there any difference between a fundamental Christianity and fundamental Islam?

Both consist of adherents following the teachings of their respective religions meticulously and carefully. Adherents of both also vigorously claim their views are correct and both are willing to die in defense their beliefs.

There is, however, a fundamental difference between the two that lies in the primary focus of each adherent which should shed some light onto the fundamental difference between not only the fundamental Christians and Muslims, but their respective systems of belief as well.

The primary focus of a Muslim is in keeping the commandments of Allah until their death and the only assurance of heaven comes from dying while in service to Allah to rid the earth of those opposed to Islam. The ultimate focus, therefore, for a Muslim is their eventual demise which is the motivation in keeping the laws and regulations of Allah in hopes that he will permit them entrance into heaven.

Sadly, many Christians place undue focus on the cross and crucifixion of Christ and not the resurrection. While the crucifixion displayed God’s holiness and justice, the resurrection is what gives Christians hope in a new life. The ultimate focus of a Christian, then, is the new life provided through Christ which is in effect here as well as hereafter.

This is why a martyr for the Christian faith does not primarily seek to lose his life. He knows that the loss of his life here on earth is a possibility, but because of his focus on the new life provided in Christ, his primary goal is to live and help others truly live.

In contrast is the martyr for the Muslim faith who prepares to die, and usually takes others with them. Because his only hope in an assurance of salvation is in a dutiful death, he makes it his focus.

While both fundamental Christians and Muslims are willing to die for their beliefs. Only the Christian is willing and able to consistently live for theirs.


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