Wes’s Bio

I have two loves, theology and technology. And I think the two fit very well together since both rest well on logic. I consider my other views and activities as offshoots of these twin loves.

As I’ve studied theology, I’ve found apologetics or the ability to provide a defense of the beliefs I hold to be a natural necessity.

From my studies I’ve also come to the conclusion that many of the traditions we’ve come to adopt in our meetings are not prescribed by scripture. While this isn’t inherently wrong, some practices do make it harder to fulfill one’s role as a mutual member in the body of Christ. For this reason I’ve joined the home church “movement” not escape the biblical requirement to meet with my fellow believers in Christ, but to escape but to find a place where all members are free to edify one another in an open and participatory fashion.

In the area of technology I’ve discovered a love for, as Fred Brooks called it, building castles in the air, out of pure thought-stuff. This, I believe, is a natural outworking of our innate desire to create imparted to us by our Creator.

I work mostly in the realm of software development. At the moment I am employed by McAfee, Inc. in their Global Threat Intelligence research department as a senior software developer, focused on the user-interface side. Though my work at McAfee provides ample opportunity to work with the newest technology on some very exciting and challenging projects. I still enjoy writing code in my spare time for the benefit of others. The Bible Flashcard Android application is one such program designed to help myself and others learn Greek (and Hebrew) vocabulary. I have several other projects both in the wild and in the works.

I’ve also recently, at the behest of my friends at The Areopagus, managed to develop a good body of material exploring how technology and culture intersect and the unique challenges and opportunities modern mediums of communication such as social media provide us with. I’ve found this to be a rather fascinating and, unfortunately, undervalued subject.

A concise way to sum up my passion is this: I love to paint with logic.