The Exodus


UPDATE: I am leaving this section up to give anyone who is interested an idea of our previous experiences but would like to add a disclaimer that I recognize1 that the views and opinions expressed in these letters are from very early on in my walk and therefore display a bit of spiritual immaturity2 along with being rather incoherent at times. Nevertheless, I encourage you to read these letters as they do portray a Psalmesque anguish during a fairly troubling period in our lives.

Many people have asked what are some of the events that have shaped us as a family3 .

Here is a series of letters written over a 3 month period in which we were without a home (or so we thought) since plans fell through and our world was generally turned upside down.

We affectionately call these our Pilgrim Letters.

Letter Date
Nomads 7/25/2005 @ 5:38AM
Homeless 7/9/2005 @ 6:59AM
The Promise 9/7/2005 @ 5:28 AM
The Cost 9/19/2005 @ 6:33PM
  1. and hope you will as well []
  2. Specifically when it comes to my view of causal determinism and how we are to listen for the voice of God. []
  3. This was truely one of the first times where, when faced with a trial of any kind, we (I in particular) placed a firm emphesis upon the hope we have in Christ alone. []

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