Reason to Stand exists to provide apologetics and interfaith evangelism instruction for Christians in order to build up and edify the Body of Christ. Our goal in this ministry is to equip believers with the ability to find solid answers to honest questions. We believe this is the only way faith is truly strengthened and the only way a believer can truly mature in the faith.

Just as Paul urged us in 1 Peter 3:15 to be ready to present a reason for the faith we have inside of us, we seek to help others understand the importance of not only knowing what they believe, but also in knowing why they believe it.

We would love to have the opportunity and privilege to come and help inspire you to dig deeper as we learn to employ our minds as well as our hearts in finding the truth God has given to us and how to adequately share that with others in a winsome and loving, yet firm, way. We have received apologetics training and certificates from BIOLA university and the North American Mission Board’s Certified Apologetics Instructor’s program. Wes is also an advisor with The Aréopagus, a metro Atlanta-based apolgoetics ministry.

For more information, please contact us.