What your pastor doesn’t want you to know about the tithe

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What you say if I told you that the tithe, which is preached as gospel truth from most pulpits, like the one above, is not something a Christian is required to obey? Would say what one deacon did that he “didn’t care if it wasn’t in there, don’t give and watch you get you for it”.

It is rather interesting that the tithe is the least supported practice of the modern church today and at the same time the most hotly defended.

Defining terms

First, let’s examine what the tithe is.

In the Old Testament, there are actually 3 tithes, totaling 23.33%. Those tithes don’t all go to the storehouse (temple) as many preachers like to teach (by butchering Malachi 3:10).

Tithe #1

Numbers 18:20-30 – 10% was to be given to the Levites, because they had no inheritance in the land. (And the Levites had to give 10% of that to Aaron.) This was a tax under a theocracy.

Tithe #2

Deuteronomy 14:22-26 – 10% of the increase of crops or livestock to take to God’s specified place to worship (eventually Jerusalem) , to be consumed and drunk by the tither. If the way was too long to carry it there, then the tither was to sell it, get money for it, then go to the place of worship and “and spend the money for whatever you desire—oxen or sheep or wine or strong drink, whatever your appetite craves. And you shall eat there before the Lord your God and rejoice, you and your household.” (v.26) This is a savings account for a pilgrimage.

Tithe #3

Deuteronomy 14:28-29 – “At the end of every three years you shall bring out all the tithe of your produce in the same year and lay it up within your towns. And the Levite, because he has no portion or inheritance with you, and the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow, who are within your towns, shall come and eat and be filled, that the Lord your God may bless you in all the work of your hands that you do.” This is another tax under a theocracy. Amortized over 3 years. This is where the odd 3 and 1/3 figure comes from.

Not subject to the law

Christ fulfills the requirements of the law in the NT. So for the same reason we no longer sacrifice animals on alters or consider buildings as sacred or see the Levitical priesthood as being in effect, we no longer tithe to support a theocratic system of government. The temple no longer exists, so the whole concept of robbing it is rendered null and void.

Pastors who preach on the tithe may not be consciously lying to their congregations, they may just be ill or uninformed as to the facts.1 And the facts are simply that the tithe has not been reinstituted in the NT. And yes, the tithe would have to be reinstituted since in the OT the tithe was given to a specific place (the temple) to specific people (the priests) under a theocratic system or partially independent Jewish state as the case is in the NT until about 90AD when they were eliminated as a sovereign or even semi-sovereign state.

In the NT we are told that we are to give to the poor, the needy, etc. It may be the case that man-made organizations such as 501c3 non-profit businesses may do a good job of filling the needs of the poor and needy. However it is wrong to conflate the ekklesia or assembly of believers with either the temple of the OT (to which tithes were to be paid) or a building/man-made organization which is meant by most pastors who advocate tithing.

Not under compulsion

Finally, in the NT we are told that our giving should not be under compulsion and in accordance with what we’ve decided in our hearts to give per 2 Corinthians 9:7. A tithe, by contrast stands directly opposed to this sentiment as it is both compulsory (Malachi 3:8-12) and it is a specified amount (Numbers 18:26).

In the NT we are called to practice grace-based giving to those in need. While some may choose to give to organizations that can and often do meet the needs of those in need quite well, others don’t. Neither, however, are sinning in how they choose to spend their money. However it is wrong to assert that the tithe is still in effect today. Especially when what we are supposedly tithing to is 1. not the temple and 2. often horribly mismanaged and/or spent almost exclusively on infrastructure (like props for the big show on Sunday morning).

Framing the issue

A simple formula to remember when dealing with this subject is

tithe = compulsory = tax

The tithe is compulsory, that contradicts the clear teaching of giving found in the NT. The tithe is also a tax designed to support a political system that does not exist anymore.


1 Corinthians 16:2 tells us that we are to set some money aside “in keeping with his income”, “saving it up”. In modern parlance this would be in another personal bank account, like a separate savings account. “so that when I come no collections will have to be made” Begging for money was not a laudable part of the gathering of believers back then. Neither is it today.

Many proponents of the tithe also like to use regarding Abraham and Melchizedek, the King of Salem in Genesis 14:14-20. However the most you can draw from this section is that we should give once in our lifetimes and of that, only of the plunders we’ve accumulated in battle.

It is also worth noting that this collection mentioned in 1 Corinthians 16:2 was for the persecuted church in Jerusalem. It was not for “the local Church” to keep and use on bigger buildings and more elaborate programs and presentations.


Tithing is an OT concept that has absolutely no place whatsoever in the NT. We are called to give graciously, not under compulsion. Tithing is a compulsory tax. The two are incompatible and pastors who preach that their congregations are obligated to tithe are either ignorant of the facts or are flat out lying. In either case they need to repent and stop fleecing the flock.

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  1. Very good and mostly accurate.

    If I may, I like to make a couple of technical corrections:

    Tithe #2 is a tenth of the crops only, not livestock. But you were commanded to add the firstborn animals, but not a tenth of the animals.

    The total of all three tithes = 20% over a 7-year period as follows:

    Year 1 = 10% (Tithe #1) + 10% (Tithe #2) = 20%
    Year 2 = 10% (Tithe #1) + 10% (Tithe #2) = 20%
    Year 3 = 10% (Tithe #1) + 10% (Tithe #2) + 10% (Tithe #3) = 30%
    Year 4 = 10% (Tithe #1) + 10% (Tithe #2) = 20%
    Year 5 = 10% (Tithe #1) + 10% (Tithe #2) = 20%
    Year 6 = 10% (Tithe #1) + 10% (Tithe #2) + 10% (Tithe #3) = 30%
    Year 7 = 0% – the seventh year land sabbath
    140%/7 = 20%

  2. Wes, I sense from the comments in this article that there is something other than a teaching on the tithe issue going on here, maybe irritating the issue is how contributed dollars are being spent by leaders and how they ask for them? The Young rant seems way over the top but if his congregation approves it, I guess that is their choice. Glad I am not a part of it. Here are some thoughts I have from your article on the subject.
    1. While you are right about 3 tithes, I am unwilling to call them a tax for several reasons:
    First, if it was a 'tax', there would then be a regular forced collection. I don't recall there being any tithe collection enforcers in OT times. However, I had heard from a former Mormon that this went on in his Utah neighborhood!
    Second, the OT does not call it a tax.
    Third, the tithe was identified as their gift to God. Required by God but brought willingly. I guess, in a similar fashion, we are required by God to live a holy life but to do so willingly.
    Fourth, Eli's sons were picking through the tithe and were rebuked for it. If it was a tax, I don't see how God could have it held against them for collecting it as they chose.
    2. There are similarities to giving today as in the OT 'tithe' since it was to be used for the benefit of the faith community. They gave so that the worship of the community benefited everyone. Teaching and worship would be missing without the priest. In the NT the elders seemed to have been supported financially in Jerusalem so that they could study and pray for the community. NT missionary activity was also supported.
    3. Paul indicates that he expected them to give to his work. We don't seem to have a rebuke in the NT for giving, for any reason. As a matter of fact, believers are always encouraged to give cheerfully. The teaching seems to be, if you don't want to give…keep it to yourself.
    Here is how I look at the 'tithe' issue.
    1. Tithers are marginal people…we have heaven waiting for us so let's give wherever we can help and use our money to assist believers and for every work that preaches Christ (even to pay for gyms for kids to hear the gospel at Upward basketball). I won't use my church's soccer field, gym, or lots of other stuff but someone will. I give my gifts for the faith community and the work of the Lord.
    2. I sometimes don't like how funds are used in the local church but I have a few ways to look at that. if I don't like particular things, I don't give. If things are managed properly but I don't agree with the immediate goals, I give input then contribute trusting that my judgment may be off or need rethinking too. I have occasionally used poor spending choices and later made adjustments or correction. I will give leaders some space to do the same.
    3. Giving is for more than the poor or widows. I don't see many 'programs' and 'events' paid for in the early church, but an undeveloped church under heavy persecution would not have those. As well, elders were provided for as well as missionary work. Also, the early church did end up building buildings to meet in as soon as they could…during a time of great theological development which we also adhere to.
    4. As I mentioned, I don't always like how a local church spends money but my points of interest are not the only legitimate ones. I wish we did not have expensive buildings but then again, buildings that serve the larger faith community may be really cost effective tools for the advancement of the gospel.

    In Summary, I would agree that we should rebuke and challenge preaching that bends or distorts any teaching on giving. I love it when I hear pastors give balanced calls for giving that does not benefit them or their immediate congregation. So, to help them, let's make them accountable for the way donated funds are used, discover how much we need to contribute to support our local fellowship, and let's be very, very generous in how we support our collective giving for Kingdom work wherever it is found.

  3. Mark,

    You fail to recognize that the tithe in the Old Testament was NEVER from income. The crops and animals were the ASSETS of the farmers. The did have income from the sale and/or barter exchange of those assets, but they were not commanded to tithe on that income. Those ASSETS came from God's hand, not man's income.

    There is absolutely no similarity between the tithing commands and giving. The tithe ONLY affected the twelve tribes of Israel. Eleven inherited the promised land, and they took the tithe to the twelfth tribe (the tribe of Levi) who inherited the tithe instead of the land.

    The tithe was taken to the Levites as their inheritance, and they were required to keep up THE TEMPLE where THE SPIRIT OF GOD LIVED. Now God's Spirit lives within our bodies. The Temple, itself, was not built from using free-will contributions.

    The Old Testament Tithe is more similar to today's taxes than it is to giving.

    The tithe had absolutely NOTHING to do with man, or income from man. It had to do with GOD, Himself. The tithe came from God's labor, not man's labor. There is a distinction between the two as evidenced in Deuteronomy 8:18. God gave us the ABILITY to function on our own, to work, to labor, to produce wealth. The tithe never came from OUR abilities given to us by God.

    Church leaders have essentially CHEAPENED God's tithe from God's assets to man's income. That must be an insult to God. How dare anyone call a tenth of their income a Holy tithe!

  4. CORRECTION: The Temple, itself, WAS built from using free-will contributions.

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  6. Wow, is Ed Young creepy. That sure sounded like compulsion to me. I couldn't watch it all.

    The auto-withdrawal is certainly convenient, but not the way he is promoting it.

  7. Great post. I was disheartened in the way the pastors only preached about money for the pocket instead of the whole counsel of God. Thanks for the teaching. I have similar teaching in my book, A Shepherd's Trial: Feeding or Fleecing the Flock of God? http://www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/ASh

  8. Is it wrong that I was hoping the whole congregation left the building when his back was turned and he was punking them to leave? 🙂

    Ed Young, like most TBN/Sky Angel/Inspiration/GodTV, etc. preachers are very theologically shallow and I wish people would stop watching them and supporting them because it's so wrong the way they treat their congregations.

  9. Even Flavius Josephus, the OT Apocrypha book Tobit and the Jewish Misha – all confirm multiple tithes.

    Tithing never referred to earned income!

    Keep up the good work!

  10. The whole argument of the article started off on a wrong footing, and Mark was spot on to recognize that problem – although this has been largely ignored by comments opposing tithing.

    Biblical tithes were NOT taxes! The Old Testament recognizes taxes by various terms, but God never once defined the Biblical tithes (Abraham, Jacob's or the Levitical system) as a tax.

    Secondly, Mark also pointed out that there are similarities in giving today as in the OT tithe. I would just add that beyond a 'similarity' is the fact that the apostle drew from the Law of Moses to teach Christian giving in the NT – a fact which anti-tithers have often been reluctant to consider!

  11. In 1 Corinthians 9:8-10, Paul makes the point that the Law of Moses instructs Christians in the principle of giving for the support of responsible ministers in the Church. Then in verse 13, he plainly argues his point from the OT Levitical system found in the Law of Moses – 'Do ye not know that they which minister about holy things live of the things of the temple? and they which wait at the altar are partakers with the altar?'

    Immediately following that, he says in verse 14 – 'EVEN SO hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.' For clarity, you make check or compare this verse up in the following versions –

    (a) Amplified version – "[ON THE SAME PRINCIPLE] the Lord directed that those who publish the good news (the Gospel) should live (get their maintenance) by the Gospel."

    (b) NIV – "IN THE SAME WAY, the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel."

  12. For those who deny any semblance between the Old Testament and the New Testament in this issue, what then is the reason why the apostle Paul would have quoted from the Law of Moses to teach new covenant believers on this subject?

    Mark made huge sense, but it is not surprising that what he pointed out was largely ignore for convenience sake.

  13. Thanks for joining the discussion! You raise a number of interesting issues.

    First there is the issue of the tithe being a tax. It is true that the tithe was never called a tax in the OT, however it is the government-sanctioned seizing of private property for public consumption. In my estimation, that performs the same function of a tax, especially under a theocracy, as the IRS does today.

    Second, just because there are similarities, like money changing hands, it does not give us warrant to claim they are therefore the same thing. If that were the case then we would have to concede to all the people who want to claim that Jesus's death and resurrection was just another in a long line of dying and rising gods. Rather, as a literary device to aid in communicating a new paradigm, using the tithe as a reference makes a lot of sense. However, since the tithe in the OT was given 1. to the priests and 2. for the temple I don't see how the NT believer could ever make the leap of thinking the tithe as instituted in the OT is the same as the grace-based giving taught in the NT.

    Next you mention 1 Corinthians 9:8-10. I think its helpful to point out here that Paul begins this whole section as a defense of his rights as an apostle (3), so to read it as simply a list of things that only applies to the clergy of today is wrong. If it applies to Paul, it applies to all brothers and sisters in the faith meaning that even I, an unordained plebeian in the kingdom of Christ, would be within my rights as Paul cited to receive compensation for work done to "further the gospel".

    To that end it also needs to be pointed out that there is a huge difference between the notions that 1. it is ok for someone to receive compensation for their work and 2. it is incumbent on others to support a special caste of Christians regardless of the work done.

    As to your question about why Paul would quote the law of the OT here. I think its helpful to point out that the law cited here had as its example the ox of a a common farmer. That is, this law had to do with the same principle found in 1 Thessalonians 4:11 regarding work. If you work, you should receive compensation from those who derive a benefit. Now here is where things don't go so well for your analogy.

    You are assuming that everyone who hears a member of the special clergy caste is undually edified and enriched. That is simply not the case. Additionally you fail to factor in the plebeians like myself who undertake the task of teaching others who, like Paul, ask and expect no compensation for our efforts whatsoever.

    In verse 7 Paul asks what soldier serves at his own expense. I would submit that before we talk about compensation we need to ask the question about whether or not the person we are compensating is a warrior or not.

  14. The tithe was not a tax, nor did it have any such semblance. It was not the seizing of property, else no one would have been exempted. People convenient read tax into it by ignoring its intrinsic meaning.

    I did not equate or define similarities to be 'the same thing'. 1 Corinthians 9 makes the point that Paul made use of the Law of Moses, which is a fact that antitithers are reluctant to observe, if not categorically deny!

    Besides, you're wrong to argue that if 1 Cor. 9 applied to Paul, the it applied to ALL believers. If the gist of that chapter was a defense of Paul's apostleship, are you making all believers into apostles?

    Besides, I did not assume anything, which is a mute point in your suggestion about a clergy caste whatever. And I certainly don't see you as an apostle like Paul, for 1 Cor. 9 was not making a case for plebeians – no offense, but please recall that not all are apostles (1 Cor. 12:28-29).

    The last point about whether a person were a warrior or not just misses the whole point.

  15. I agree that the quibbling is quite out of joint – which makes me wonder why you insisted in the first place in asserting the tithes were a tax. That's just simply not true.

    1. I did not argue anything as 'compulsory', did I? If you check again my initial reply, you find PRINCIPLES, not the legalism of insisting on literal applications. That is simply the gist of my comments, no? Please calmly read it again.

    2. There's absolutely nothing in principle about grace giving that we don't already find in the OT. Those who don't know would simply ignore it, until they do a simple study. I'm open to consider any such PRINCIPLE, if you may.

    3. I did not confuse one for the other – and to have misread that into my comments is also false. Sorry, but that's obviously the case. Similarity is not 'the same thing' – you pointed that out, and I acknowledged it by remarking I never argued otherwise. If we're missing something here, I'd be glad to consider it as well.

  16. 4. It's either Paul was making a case for 'plebeians' in 1 Cor. 9 (which is false), or verse 1 is forgotten very quickly out of sight! Further, I thought YOU made the point earlier that "Paul begins this whole section as a defense of his rights as an APOSTLE"? Where did the switch suddenly occur to become a case for 'plebeians'?

    5. If it was a case for the latter (plebeians), I don't see how it could be sound exegesis to ignore the case of his apostleship (which YOU already noted was what he begins with in that chapter, no?). Should I now read that as another conveniently ignored issue in your rejoinders? Just wondering.

  17. Now, the point of explaining how the tithe and grace based giving could coexist is simple. Please read: PRINCIPLES!

    That is why they are not at odds, nor are they contradictory! Since I did not argue anything on the basis of compulsion, you probably are only creating a task for yourself on that.

    Even in the OT, God showed His displeasure on the idea of 'compulsion' in giving, no? Did 'cheerful giving' begin with the NT as a sort of spiritual neologism? Absolutely not! This is why I'm persuaded (after carefully considering it) that the PRINCIPLES of giving in the NT are all already found in the OT!

    As I didn't make a case for an argument of compulsion or any other such onomotopeia in giving, you probably jumped to conclusions that it must be so. I'd only wonder if you're one of those who is persuaded that the OT had nothing to do with grace? Just wondering.

  18. Sorry, but projection (assuming I am not calmly evaluating the facts to come to a conclusion based on the Biblical data) and deconstructing (basically playing word games) is not getting us anywhere nor does it do much to answer the points I raised in my initial post.

    So unless you want to take on the task of answering the specific points I raised I will have to bow out of this discussion.

  19. Now, as regarding my statement on the question of God showing His displeasure on the idea of 'COMPULSION' in giving, I'd like you to consider the following –

    1. The foundation of giving has always been WILLINGNESS (which is not the same as 'COMPULSION'). The examples of this could be found in Exodus 25:2; 35:5, etc. (OT), and 2 Cor. 8:12.

    2. There are examples where God showed His displeasure on occurences of 'COMPULSION' in giving – 1 Sam. 2:13-17; Neh. 5:15 and Mic. 3:5-6.

    3. Since there is a difference between COMPULSION (ie., "coercion") and COMPULSORY (ie., "necessary"), could you please kindly show me where God had placed His people under COMPULSION (ie., coercion) in giving?

    I'm sorry that you missed the point, but I'm asking kindly that you please calm down and reconsider these issues – afterall, you have noted that 'words matter', and I'm imploring you to follow that simple axiom in yours.

  20. Yours – "This letter/spirit differentiation is the very definition of postmodern deconstructionism as posited by Derrida."

    You're welcome to reject anything you so wish, but I'm sure that partying it here and there does not remove the fact that the Bible clearly makes a case between "the letter" and "the spirit" of the Law – 2 Cor. 3:6. It is not by 'the letter', but rather by the spirit of the Law that we derive principles for practical Christian living. The former tends to legalism – and I've tried to show where the difference is.

    Again, I did not argue for the 'legal' this and that – which is the reason I have forever made plain that my comments do not favour legalism or literalism! The legal concept of this and that is not what you read in my comments – that again does not negate the FACT that the apostles quoted directly from the same Law of Moses without seeking legalistic applications!

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  22. It becomes clear that if what "giving tithes" is saying concerning the PRINCIPLES of giving in the NT being already found in the OT! that we cannot stop the cart there! We are then forced to include harvest offerings, firstfruit offerings etc. They are not and cannot be THE SAME PRINCIPLES. THey are similar only in as far as they relate to honouring God. They were commanded as offerings relating to the ministration of the temple WHICH NO LONGER EXISTS. They were specific instructions relating to a specific scenario. Oyu are opening up a can of wormds…

  23. Just a word on your quote: 'They were commanded as offerings relating to the ministration of the temple WHICH NO LONGER EXISTS. They were specific instructions relating to a specific scenario.'

    Just because the OT Temple no longer exists does not mean therefore that Christians cannot derive 'principles' from the OT Scriptures. And although the Law of Moses and the Prophets gave 'specific instructions' to the Jews, this did not deter the NT apostles from using the same Law and Prophets to teach Christian living. It is for this reason I gave the example of Paul's use of the Law of Moses in 1 Corinthians 9:13-14, quoted below from the Amplified (emphasis mine in verse 14) –

    '13Do you not know that those men who are employed in the services of the temple get their food from the temple? And that those who tend the altar share with the altar [in the offerings brought]? 14[ON THE SAME PRINCIPLE] the Lord directed that those who publish the good news (the Gospel) should live (get their maintenance) by the Gospel.'

  24. One of the problems in Christendom is a failure to distinguish the differences in Old Covenant vs New Covenant and what took place after Jesus died on the cross. The writer on this blog quoted the Old Testament when God said "bring your tithes and offerings into the storehouse to feed the poor and Tribe of Levi who owned no land. This was a command from God said to a completely different group of people, under a whole other covenant.

    I doubt most Christian understand Judaism and the major differences in Judaism vs Christianity. They have major differences then and now! For one thing, Devout Jews always keep the Sabbath on Saturday, starting Friday at sundown. They also strictly adhere to celebrating their seven High Holy Feast days like the Pass Over. I think most Christians couldn't name the date if you paid them.

    It may surprise most Christians to know that Orthodox Jews to date do not keep the tithe law but give free will offerings because God required that tithes be given by Jewish Land owners for food off their land. This food was to be placed in storehouses much like our warehouses and grocery stores of this day. Tithes were commanded by God to be collected only by the Tribe of Levi for the temple in Jerusalem. Since their Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD and the Levitical Priesthood with it's animal sacrifices is now non-existent devout Jews to date now give free will offerings.
    Anyone can call to verify this by contacting an Orthodox Jewish Synagogue. I trust Orthodox Jews know their Old Covenant law since they were the first to get the law and oracles of God better than any gentile (not a natural born Jew). Gentiles got in under a different (new) covenant all thanks to Jesus and His payment on the cross.

  25. Many churches are filled with lords and hireling NOT Servants of the Lord. Thought Jesus said the greatest among us is the greatest servant, not those who lord it over people and their wallets.

    I was in one church where there was Pastor's Anniversary, Pastor's Birthday, Pastor's Wife Birthday, Pastor's Anniversary, Expensive Tickets for Banquets and endless cost to attend expensive Conferences, Pastor's Appreciation, Founder's Convention, The Church Building Fund where you had to pledge money to expand the bldg. plus Tithes and Offerings. The Pastor said cut back and give more but bought a brand new car and another vacation house. This appeal for money for some new thing went on every other month ( and this Church was in a lower income area). I finally was so tapped out. I had a choice between feeding my family, or continue being a member of this church.
    It took one whole year before they sent me a post card wondering why I was not tithing any longer. I called and told them I had given my notice of withdrawing my membership months back. I was promptly hung up on without so much as a pretense that we miss you and not your tithe money.
    NO thanks to organized religions anymore! I can pray and read my bible at home
    From Fred Up

  26. Sounds like we are going to the same church lol

  27. Tithing was under and is under the law with a curse for Christians seeking salvation under the law, Galatians 3:3-13, Malachi 3:1-18. When pastors and priest lie by quoting Malachi 3:1-18, under the law IN OLD COVENANT , how many Christians line up to be served with food when tithes and offering under the law are given? Is the storehouse pastors' and priests' house or the Church being the body of Christ? Saved Christians by grace IN NEW COVENANT , who are led by the Holy Spirit are not under law. They are ministers of the new testament born of love with exceeding glory which surpassed the glory that was in law in Moses . We have been redeemed from the curse of the law to adoptions of sons in Royal Priesthood ( Pastors ,Priest and Bishops who are servants of God cannot subject sons of God in Royal Priesthood to tithe taxes- absolute illegal) and are not under the law, Galatians 5:1, Galatians4:4-5,2 Corinthians 3:1-18 . Salvation under the law one attains it at last breath on earth having done all that pertains to the law which is hard for one to accomplish. Even the tithe which was given by Abraham was under the law of sin and death from the fall of Adam and Eve. Those who lie would like to deceive Christians that tithe was before the law but before which law. When Christ was born He was given gifts and not tithes Mathew 2:11-12. Salvation under spiritual law of love by grace is freely given and attained with free miracles from God our Father, Ephesians 2:4 -9, Ephesians 2:13 -20. Under Leviticus priesthood tithes were given for the tribe of Levi and tithe of tithe to the high Priest for they shared no land apart from the walled towns they were allocated to stay in for their continuous sacrifice to God, Numbers 18:20 -29.Widows, strangers ,fatherless and orphans benefited from tithes and offerings given to Levites, Deuteronomy 14:22-29. In Christianity widows were asked to be catered by close brethren to ease burden to the Church. There were also tithes of different kinds in Israel. There was also a tithe where a family had to eat all before the Lord, Deutreronomy12:6-7. In Christ Jesus we are saved by grace to adoptions of sons in Royal Priesthood of Christ and not by works of law ,Galatians 3:8-13,Acts13: 38-39, Galatians 4: 4-5, Galatians2:16-21, Galatians 5:18. Sons have direct access to the Father and free common inheritance not bought or worked for from the father. For servants ( Pastors and Priest) are servants of God worthy all respects and due sharing help from Christians in love. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is every Christian burden and giving in love to support brethren for this cause is a free blessing.
    IN NEW TESTAMENT two priesthood are compared Hebrew7: 7-28, Hebrew8:6 -13, Hebrew 9:6-9, Hebrew 10:8-23. Leviticus priesthood under the law with tithes, death, discontinuity and its acceptance under glory of law without the great commission was done away in Christ and the holy priesthood of Christ without tithes, death and discontinuity with exceeding glory under which Christians are in salvation being a Holy nation and Loyal Priests to preach to the world GOD being their Father in new covenant ministry. Tithing weakens the Royal Priesthood of Christians in Christ where Christians are supposed to give themselves as living sacrifice in the mission vision fields. The Christians Royal Priesthood in Christ Jesus is internally weekend from within ,fought and economically drained mostly for indoors ministries under revival of Leviticus priesthood by pastors. The Royal Priesthood is internally spiritually emaciated and trodden upon.2 Corinthians2:1-13, 2Peter 2:5-9. Priesthood involves sacrifices. The priesthood was changed from the old covenant( Leviticus Priesthood) to the new covenant (Loyal Priesthood of labor in Christ without tithes allocations which is not appreciated) and the law governing it was changed. Christ requested His disciples to give the crowd food to eat , Matthew 14:15-16. Jesus Christ told Peter look after his lambs and later to look after His sheep ( service) in clear shift from Leviticus priesthood John 21:15-17. JESUS CHRIST our High Priest is the mediator of better New Covenant established upon better promises. Hebrew8:6-8. Under Leviticus priesthood an animal for sacrifice was alive between the alter of sacrifice and the Levite priest holding the sacrificial knife. Sheep remained alive for a period of time only when they were delivered many animals for sacrifice and the alter could not hold them all for sacrifice .We are dead to sin and alive in Christ who live in us being a living sacrifice to God.

  28. flocks or do any farming ,Numbers 18:20-32. They lived in walled towns .Pastors and Priests who revive the Leviticus priesthood removed by Christ and merge it to the Loyal priesthood of Christ do so for personal gains in mass cheating for personal allocations. Leviticus priesthood under law remained hostile to the Ministry of Christ and His disciples who suffered in their hands even after Christ’s death. Levite priests beat and wanted to kill all disciples of Christ whom they told not to preach in His name. Acts 5:17-42. Let well educated brethren teach the Word of God the same way as learned Doctor Luke and Br. Paul did for spiritual growth of the body of Christ. Let well educated Christians stand for justice like Dr . Gamaliel who was a doctor of law who in his response rescued the apostles from eminent death in the hands of Levite priests Acts;5:17-42. What pastors are not telling the Church (the bride/sons/ ambassadors /advocate and ministers of the new covenant in the Word/children) is the reason Christ had in choosing the twelve disciples ( under new covenant in Grace ) and opted not to use the Levite Priests ( in old covenant under law) that were well established and placed had they to be chosen preach to the world. LET PASTORS , BISHOPS AND PRIESTS HONESTLY PURGE THEIR HEARTS AND SPEAK THE TRUTH ON TITHES. CHRIST IS THE END OF THE LAW IN THE OLD COVENANT. The intrigue of doctrinal falsehood on tithes smartly engineered and flamboyantly taught by them worldwide cannot be justified or be cleansed by their religious social status. Christians should not be for entertainments but for truth preached and taught which is not in contest in numerical strength for acceptance. It quite clear from the Bible that there is no perfection and justification under works of the law. Galatians 2:16- 21, Galatians 3:8-13,Galatians 4;4-5,Galatians 5:1,18. Hebrew 10;8-9. For Christians God has no pleasure for sacrifice and offerings and burnt offerings and offering for sins and for which is offered under law. WHY WOULD THE CLERGY NOT TELL CHRISTIANS TO SACRIFICE FOR THEIR SINS BUT TITHE ? Selective preaching and teaching on tithes falsehood cover up still remain. In law men in old covenant remained the instructors and enforcers of the law. In new covenant the Holy Spirit remains our wonderful teacher and counselor in grace. For sure those who are in bondage of the law have men appreciation at hand but those lead by the Holy Spirit in Liberty within the yoke of Christ in grace have the acceptance of God. Christians should not be held spiritually hostage by unifying falsehoods taught in concealed falsehood out of labor. This would be spiritual blindness and slavery for many Christians hard for some to overcome. Apostles did not teach and preach the Gospel Of Jesus Christ through deceptive greediness but by sound doctrines, 2Peter:1-3. Christians taught for doctrines the commandments of men replace Jesus Christ for men who become their gods. They admire them for their earthly great achievements and they testify much of their stardom. Mathew 15: 5-9. There is the church of men where men teach for doctrines commandments of men and Church of Jesus Christ which cannot be swallowed by institutionalized organized falsehood and greed concealed in martyrdom of great false knowledge spread which is not in the True Word of God. Even those workers of iniquity with miracles shall not cheat and defeat the church of Christ since He holds the Church in His holy hands in due time. Matthew15:8-9. The gates of hell shall not prevail over the Church of Jesus Christ. Mathew16:18. The Church of Christ cannot live by glorious commandments instituted by men standards . No Christian should be cheated that how well looked after pastors are taken care of by Christians that it is the same way heaven is opened for them for blessings. Christians must break free and be clean from men commandments enslavement. Christians true love and care will then freely flourish and share in love blessings from our God with the clergy. Beloved Bishops ,Pastors

  29. A fountain cannot produce sweet and bitter water the same time. James 3:8-18. A new piece of cloth does not patch an old cloth nor do men put new wine in old bottles. Matthew 9:16-17. And with the priesthood changed there was need of changing the law governing it. Our royal priesthood in Christ Jesus is not after law of carnal commandment but after power of endless life Hebrews 7:7-26 .We Christian are saved by GRACE IN CHRIST LOVE(Spiritual Law) for we cannot be subjected to carnal law of sin and death crucified and done away by Christ on cross of Calvary. We are subjected to spiritual law of life in Covenant in Christ Jesus and ought to have the spiritual understanding of the Word of God in liberty without corrupting the Word of God. Roman 8:1-2, Colossians 1:9-10. As God has blessed us in common inheritance of the saints, we should give sacrificially as we have purposed in our hearts in liberty and in love, Galatians 5:1, 2Corinthians 9;6-7, Galatians 6:6-7, Hebrew6:6-12,Hebrew13:11-16. Christ taught spiritual giving to God and to our parents, Luke 6:8 ,Matthew15:5-9. Paul also taught the same .2Corinthians 9:6-14, Philippians 2:4-5. Aaron was given unto Moses, the Levite tribe was given unto Aaron, the eleven tribes of Israel were given unto Levite tribe to serve them but we Christians are purchased through the blood of Christ we are no man servants but servants of Christ 1Corinthians 7:21-2 , God is our father and our readily help in times of needs and not men. We are warned not to call any man our father in the spirit. Mathew23:9. Some have made men their fathers and call them fathers turning them their gods on earth. Numbers 3:9-15. No servant can hinder children access to the Father and His blessed inheritance. Are pastors, priest and Bishops in the Royal Priesthood of Christ or are in the Leviticus priesthood? Who coordinate pastors only to work for Christ for a living. Apostles of Christ worked with their hands for a living and for preaching the Gospel of Christ. All saved Christians are servants of Christ in the Royal Priesthood of Christ. Do we make the spiritual understanding between the Leviticus Priesthood under the law and the Royal Priesthood in grace in the New Covenant or do we mix the two distinctive priesthoods cunningly for selfish gain to eliminate the so called clergy poverty and mess up with the doctrine of salvation in Grace? Christ gave some apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, some pastors and some teachers for the perfecting of saint in the work of the ministry for edifying the( church) body of Christ so us not to be deceived Ephesians4:11-19. Who set aside and allocated poverty and tithes to the pastors in preaching the Gospel of Christ since those who preach the Gospel (Christians/Royal priests) shall live by the Gospel or who bear the burden of mercy for the clergy to teach and preach falsehood on tithes for them not to be poor? When did they become pastors in poverty for the church to eliminate their poverty? Christians should share their wealth with the clergy willingly in Christ love but not in law. We are saved in Grace in Christ love and our sharing should be in love. We saved Christians are not justified by the law. Galatians 2:21. We saved Christians are servants of Christ Jesus in the Royal Priesthood of the saints. Why do many talk about key poverty of pastors on tithes among the five fold ministry? Where is their care and concerns for the other four ministries for they vouched for tithes not for the benefit of the body of Christ? This has brought a flood gate of preaching entrepreneurship boom anchored by many on tithes as a measure of holiness and commitment to God

  30. Should the pastors ministry overshadow other ministries? All ministries should work as one body in the body of Christ. Foot soldiers who support falsehood on tithes preaching and teaching are calling Christians who do not support tithing to ask for forgiveness in face saving cover up. They have stood as heroes of faith in tithes teachings falsehood. Christians bear no apology to no one for preaching and teaching the truth . Only those who preach and teach falsehoods are hurt by the truth. Christians should not be coaxed by great promises and deadly threats hedged in non-doctrinal falsehoods promises taught in guarded personal ego gains. With God, the means justify the end in Jesus Christ. Christians should not be hoodwinked by groaning delivery of falsehoods and the glory associated with the fruits of falsehood benefits . As we speak on the falsehood on the doctrine of tithing for Christians, we have not closed our eyes to the needs of the Church nor have buried our heads in the sand devoid of understanding of our emotions to face the truth. We stand for truth aware of forces against the truth within the Church and outside the Church. We have been asked to ask for forgiveness for not supporting tithing without being told from whom to apply for forgiveness. We do not pursue and preserve justified falsehoods which meet the needs of the Church for with God, the means justify the end in Christ. We are told we point an accusing finger to the clergy on issues concerning tithes falsehoods. We are part of the body of Christ and no part of the body accuses other parts. All body parts coordinate in functions and take care of one another when giving our body parts that are not comely more honor .We only pin point doctrinal falsehood taught by clergy thus taking care of the body of Christ spiritually in love. We do not waver in our minds and hearts in our stand on tithes issues. If one is stuck in sticky clay of falsehood, us a Christian one has to owner up and warm up to the truth and shape up to be free in did. We are fully aware of glorious unstable spiritual empires built on quick sand by men through falsehood under threat from the truth. If the empires fall apart there is no loss for Christians to worry about for apology. We are warned of danger of teaching and preaching the truth by exposing ourselves to well organized affluent churches of men . We stand for Christ in life and death. Well organized fruitful falsehoods from those in authority do not translate to truth and righteousness.
    Those under the law are under curse and the law kills 2 Corinthians 3:6. Those lead by the Spirit are not under law and curses Galatians5: 6, Galatians 3:8-13. Christians are redeemed from the curse of the law to adoption of sons . Roman 8:1-17,Galatians4:4- 5. We saved Christians are not under law but under grace Roman6:13-14.Are they telling Christians curses under law are blessings for them or they have powers to remove curses when Christians tithe to them? Christians must remain spiritually alert and be not be spiritually blind, They have directed Christians to deceptive ways of curses for their own benefits and not blessings. The bounty of terror of deceptive covetousness is professionally tactically presented as blessing based on salvation under yard stick of tithes. Many pastors have illegally allocated all tithes to themselves. Tithes were for specifics needs under old covenant for specific people help. Apostles of CHRIST did not use concealed deceptive covetousness to preach the Gospel .1Thessalonians2:3-6.We should renounce hidden things of dishonesty and not walk craftily handling the Word of God deceitfully 2Corithians 4:1-2. The body of CHRIST has been subjected to doctrinal mess by Levite priests and Levite pastors. TITHE IS A PURE CLASSIC SLEEK DOCTRINAL FALSEHOOD FOR CHRISTIANS CULTIVATED IN UNMATCHED PERSONAL CONCEALED ZEAL BY PASTORS IN LEADERSHIP FOR PERSONAL INTERESTS AND GAINS WHO UNDERSTAND UNIVERSALLY ON TITHES AND SALVATION AND FAIL TO APPRECIATE THE TIME OF LAW AND THE TIME OF GRACE DISPENSATION. In willful deception by calling themselves the Levites of today who persecuted Christians and plunder Christians pockets today they are able to demand to be given tithes. Levites priests and elders never gave a helping hand to Christians. Christ did not leave His Church under Leviticus Priesthood and no Levite priest was chosen as His Apostle . Leviticus Priesthood is forced on the throats of Christians by pastors for perfectly concealed selfish interests and gains. Do they want to tell us that Christ and Apostles of Christ forgot to ask for tithes during the early formative Christian Ministry stage. When we take the Word of God out of its content and contest ,we have contempt for the Word of God. He (GOD)who brought tithing under the old Covenant took it away in His(CHRIST) own rights in the new Covenant.

  31. We can preach the Word of God quoting scriptures like the devil when he tested Jesus or quote the scriptures like CHRIST when He answered satan in time of need. Matthew 4:1-11 . Jesus Christ taught men can teach commandments of men for doctrines. Mathew15:5-9. This addressed falsehood which can come from those in authority in the Church ( bishops, pastors, priest and elders) leadership. We can have a zeal of faith and commitment to establish our own righteousness not according to righteousness of God in the knowledge of his Word. Roman 10:1-4. Pastors and priests calling themselves Levites today have capitalized on low level Christian doctrinal knowledge teachings among Christians. Tithing contradict the doctrine of salvation in GRACE and deprive the Christians in Loyal Priesthood in Christ Jesus the individual empowerment to do the Great Commission. When we are loyal Priests to whom do we tithe to? Is it not even if it were in Natural world for servants to tithe to Loyal Priests? Pastors Priest and Bishops are also in the Loyal Priesthood of Jesus Christ all of us being sons and servants composing the body of Christ unless they exclude themselves. The underlying mystery is to deliver the Church of Christ in concealed form to Leviticus Priesthood for Priests ,Pastor and Bishops to enable them get tithes. Mathew15:5-9. We can preach the Word of God making the Church a house of merchandise to make merchandise of Christians and those who do so whose God is their belly which made Adam and Eve to fail in their relationship with God .It is a lucrative profitable business based on arithmetic of numbers cunningly preserved with tactical appreciations to the body of Christ and spreading of the Gospel. Are elect Christians deceived out of their wits? Romans 16:17 -19 ,2 Peter 2:1-3, John 2:16, Philppians3:17-19. We can preach Christ out of envy, strife or of good will. Philippians 1:15-17,2Corinthians4:1-2. It is the body of Christ the Church which is sent to preach to the world also as individuals brethren bearing the burden to preach to the world as Apostles of Christ did. The responsibility has not been on shoulders of priests and pastors only. Brethren are the loyal priests and ambassadors of Christ and has committed unto us the Church the word of reconciliation, 2 Corinthians :19-20. THERE WERE NO FENCE SITTINGS AND ARE NO FENCE SITTINGS IN THE NEW COVENANT MINISTRY MEDIATED BY OUR APOSTLE AND THE HIGH PRIEST OF OUR FAITH LORD JESUS CHRIST. Apostles labored with their hand to provide for preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christians offerings they received were not tithes. No one is specially chosen to be at receiving end of tithes so as to preach the Gospel of Christ. We saved Christians are the Loyal Priests AND Ambassadors of Christ.2 Peter 2:1-9, 2 Corinthians5:14-20. The preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not entirely sorely in the hands of clergy. It is in the hands of the (Church) believers.

  32. Tithing is a hard topic to teach without spiritual understanding since we have many high profile elite preachers teaching on the same with books written of great hoped promises and condemnation on the same for those who do not tithe, Ephesians 5:6-7, 1Thessalonians 2:3-4. Some well educated elite Christians are involved in deceptive teaching on tithes which is warmly appreciated from the pulpit. They are the magnetizing force with alluring great hoped blessed promises of wealth based on tithes. When will it dawn on them that they teach doctrine of men a false doctrine on tithes for Christians saved by grace. On moving from one church to the church or by taking a flight from one continent to another continent on falsehood mission, lies taught on tithes by them cannot be justified by the sacrificial cost incurred to do so. Only when they uphold the truth and uplift Christ as they decrease and Christians stop earthly social status cult adoration in respect of human beings will truth prevails’. Pharisees and the Scribes were most well educated and Jesus said woe unto them seven times for being stumbling blocks in faith. Mathew 23:9-39. We only need to rightly divide the Word of God and know whether we are Christians seeking salvation under the law or we are Christians saved by grace in Christ through the Spiritual law of love, Corinthians 1:12-16,2 Timothy 2:15 . We redeemed sons of God who are made Kings and priests unto God have a common inheritance in Christ Jesus, Galatians 4:4-5, Colssians1:9-14 ,1Corinthians 2:12-16. Revelation 1;4-6 .Let well educated brethren teach the Word of God the same way as learned Doctor Luke and Br. Paul did for spiritual growth of the body of Christ. Let well educated Christians stand for justice like Dr . Gamaliel who was a doctor of law who in his response rescued the apostles from eminent death in the hands of Levite priests, Acts;5:17-42. We are called spiritual sons of God after salvation not before in fallen state and who are enabled to do the righteousness that was in the law but we are not under the law. The same priests and pastors wreck the spiritual scriptures when they teach fallen Angles are called sons of God who married daughters of men giving offspring of giants , Genesis 6:1-8. God says he has never called any angles his son, Hebrew 1:4-5.When were fallen angles redeemed and sanctified to be called sons? The ownership of increased daughters is unto men before being referred to as sons of God and the lust to polygamous marriage was with men. Are beautiful daughters born today for men? Shall we have another episode of fallen angles marrying daughters of men before the close of age? Many have taught the Word of God outside Biblical doctrines so many are deceived in their teaching and preaching which condemn God as unjust since no judgment is passed to angles they refer to as sons of God. When men dropped further from grace when they practiced polygamous marriage and their life span was reduced to one hundred and twenty years , no judgment is passed to purposed angles they teach us sons of God. The sons of God were men who had done reconciliation to God the same way Abel had done and was accepted by God. The judgment is specifically to mankind and giants born in sin of polygamous marriage do not qualify the sons of God to be angles. Angles are ministering spirits with no reproductive empowerment, Matthew 22:29-32, Hebrew 1:14-14.

  33. Our relationship to God our Father is in love in our loyal priesthood to the world. Roman 8:14-17. Only those who are not sincere mix teaching under carnal law and spiritual teaching enlightenment under spiritual law. When we study the old covenant it should help us get rooted deeply in the new covenant. The devil uses the nobles, evil and false witness to do his will according to circumstances, Acts 13;50-51 Acts 6: 9-14. Christians must remain wise and not be cheated by devils workers transforming themselves as angles of light which corrupt the Word of God, 2Corinthians2:17, 2Corinthians11: 13-15. Levites Pastor, Priests and some Christians misquote Jesus Christ on judgment. Judge not that you may be not judged . Matthew7:1-5. They say God prohibit judgment which is not true since it is based on taking the scripture out of content and contest on understanding Jesus statement. It has given them a highway of teaching lies without being questioned. They have separated themselves from the body of Christ to ideal entity who cannot be censured. Shall you close your eyes to evils committed that they may not judge you. Do you buy yourself freedom from being judged for not condemning evil or commenting on anything positive or negative. The preaching of the Word of God is based on judgment on sins and righteousness . God requires from us righteous judgment in wisdom and in love which condemn sins which leads man to repentant of sins and redemption. The Word of God in its content and contest states judgment on sins and righteousness. All living beings and organic life are in constant judgment for existent. If we can stop all processes of judgments life will come to a standstill and ultimate death with final judgment of decay. Life and all creation were established in good judgment by God and close of age shall end in judgment to eternal life or eternal death which is eternal life of suffering and separation from God. Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-25. Even our bodies judge us out of energy and we hunger for food and thirst for water. All witty discoveries are results of acknowledgment of positive judgments on active well co-ordinated principals. Christians are encouraged to solve cases in judgment among themselves. 1Corinthians 6:1-7,The Bible encourages us that our love may abound yet more in knowledge and in all Judgment and we judge ourselves dead in Christ, 2 Corinthians5:14 ,Philippians 1:9-12. Life is in active constant judgments and the creation mourns for final judgment which it shall be subjected by God. We relate in evaluation to all things in judgment. What we known and do not know is based on judgment. What we believe right or wrong is based on judgment. Irrespective of any judgment delivered on us we should delivers the Heavenly Kingdom judgment to sins . We saved Christians are counted and judged worthy to suffer tribulations together with Christ when we live Christian life in love ,Revelation Chapter1,2 and3. We thus judge ourselves dead to sin in Christ Jesus.
    There are may be those who preach tithing to saved Christians for lack of spiritual understanding. We should girdle up the loins of our minds as the knowledgeable wise sharers of the Word of God . 1Peter :13-15.Roman 10:1-4. We shall be off the hook of being soothed ,cornered, and been cheated on doctrinal issue in Christianity. God bless us in abundant grace of spiritual revelation and spiritual understanding of His Holy Word, Colssians1:9-14, Ephesians 5:6 -7,1Thessalonians 2:3-6, 2Timothy2:15, 2Timothy 2:24-26 . Amen
    I am happy and blessed to interact with you on spiritual teachings. Hope we shall search more scriptures for our beneficial spiritual growth . Yearning to receive your input on the topic .God bless you.
    The message is freely given purely to the body of JESUS CHRIST worldwide.
    By Br. Robert Munyui Kamunyu

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