Orientation for new believers

What should new believers expect to find when they sign up to follow Christ and thereby inherit a spiritual family?

Well, pretty much the opposite of this list recently posted on a group support website for former Christians.

I think it is worth noting the stark contrast between conversion stories vs. de-conversion stories. One is a story of new life breaking in where death once stood. The other is a story of death overtaking life.

The contrast couldn’t be greater.


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  1. "death overtaking life" Your assumptions are dead wrong.

    Pain is a part of recovery. It's what deconverts have to go through as they realize what they once believed/worshiped are not true. It's called growing up and facing reality. When reason and critical thinking become our main focus, this pain eventually subsides, and we appreciate what "truth" actually means.

  2. Getting addicted to something is a thrill.

    Christianity promises eternal life, and when you first believe it it is thrilling beyond belief. But then the addiction begins to take control. At some point if you get in too deep you realize you have to get out. Withdrawal is painful.

    Thanks for this post as it brings attention to just how awful leaving the Christian faith can truly be. I recommend nobody join unless you understand the risks.

  3. I should clarify that they won't inflict "all they can", but it will certainly feel like it. They won't listen to you. They won't pay attention to any of your objections except to tell you that you are wrong. They will not be open to you emotionally. It is social suicide to join Christianity and leave.

    Christians won't intentionally make your life miserable (some of them will) for the most part, but that is where it is so hard to explain the psychological damage that can come from joining the church. It creates a dependency that is not necessary, if that makes sense.

  4. First you're just a baby. Then you are finally old enough to really understand just who Santa Claus is, and believe that he brings you all those wonderful presents. You hang onto that belief for as long as possible (so you don't stop getting all those presents!) but eventually you grow up and mature and become rational and are forced to admit that you no longer believe in Santa Claus. But there are punishments if you don't keep your mouth shut around younger children who still believe.

  5. Joshua: "I just personally believe that everyone should avoid Christianity because the faith promises the reward of eternal life. But it is not true."

    I'm curious how you would presume to know that.

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